Friday, November 2, 2012

Bola Kampung X (2011)

A brand new and exciting season of Bola Kampung “X” where it all began one day when Iwan and his friends stumble upon a group of kids dressed in costumes playing football in strange places. Iwan’s team were invited to play along this new football style and instantly, they get hooked onto the style and pace of the game, known as Street Soccer, a football game which is becoming increasingly popular.

As young and adventurous kids, Iwan and his friends wanted to try something new and cool. Thus, they decided to set up their own team by calling themselves Bola Kampung Football Club (BKFC).

Since the day of formation, the BKFC team strives to become good street soccer players and therefore set out to seek and compete with other street soccer teams.
This journey brings them to meet and play along with the best football players that have talented skills and great techniques.

Their struggling journey was challenging and fascinating where most matches are played in strange places such as the paddy field, beaches, muddy areas, in caves and even haunted houses too!

Will BKFC able to succeed and win these thrilling matches with their own unique styles of playing Street Soccer?
With hard work, and strong determination, the BKFC team finally manage to overcome challenges by qualifying into the upcoming Youth Champions League competition.

Bola Kampung X
Genre: Action, Sports & Comedy
Type: TV
Episode: 13
Language: Malay
Subtitle: None
File Type: MKV
File Size: 360MB

File Resolution: 480p

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